The Electrolyte S6 E

The S6 E combines a classic bicyle diamond frame with hightech components throughout. Super low maintenance with Heavyduty Pinion Gearbox, extremely reliable Gates Carbon Drive Belt and the Made in Germany Neodrives rear Hubmotor. Our Frame is handcrafted from Aerospace grade 7020 T6 Aluminium resulting in a super stuff frame with riding properties on par with racing bikes. Longevity, virtually maintenance free and a thrill to ride to no matter where you are. Handcrafted for you right in our Dreambike-Foundry in the outscirts of Munich.

The S6 E in its Details


Aluminium frame with handsanded Welding seems

Our Frame is handcrafted from Aerospace grade 7020 T6 Aluminium resulting in a super stuff frame with riding properties on par with racing bikes. Hydroformed tubes allow us to have variable tube thicknesses resulting in more strength where it is needed and less where it is not, leading to lighter optimised Frames.

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Silent and Strong Propultion

The Neodrives Rear Hub Motor is silent direct drive motor offering powerful acceleration and instant reaction times. 40Nm of Torque are generated right at the wheel, and due to no detours through other components efficiency is greatly increased resulting in a motor that feels like no other. Even the finest changes in rider input on the pedals are sensed by the fully integrated torque sensor and the motor is adjused within milliseconds.

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Low-Maintenance High-Performance Gearbox

The Pinion Gearbox is a marvel in engineering. Precise shifting, even when standing still is engineered following principles used in moden Automotive gearboxes. A constantly realiable, wear free Gearbox that will accompany you for the life of the bike.

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Energydense long lasting Battery

Only the most moden Li-Ion batteries are used for your S6 E In simple terms this translates to, the lowest weight with the highest amount of Range, No Memory Effect and a long lifespan. German Made locking mechanisms keep the battery securly in place and safe from thieves.

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Uncomplicated and clean Belt Drive

Free yourself from ölstained clothes, rusted chains and join the Gates Carbon Drive Revolution. Clean. Quiet. Strong. These are the main advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive™ Systems.

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Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When it comes to safety we dont joke around, all of our bike are fitted with hydraulic disc brakes from leading manufacturers as standard as you dont want to loose that large smile you get on your face from the powerful motors, when it comes down to it.

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Cant find your wishes?

Standard equipment included in the base prices is always high quality and optimised for the bike variant. However our goal is to build your dream bike. Endless combinations of components and your personal taste make every bike that arrives in the customers hands unique. and your dreambike is also you perfect bike. Our bikes can be adjusted to your personal preference, Small changes like Grips, saddles, handlebars up to custom Frames and custom colours.

Here are a few example of Custom Bikes: Dont hesitate to contact us to discuss your perfect components combination. No idea is crazy enough for us to not think about how to solve it.

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