The S10E

The S10E shines with its phenomenal 725Wh battery integrated into its downtube with two different frame styles. Super low maintenance with Heavyduty Pinion Gearbox, extremely reliable Gates Carbon Drive Belt and the Made in Germany Neodrives rear Hubmotor. The S10E can be freely configured to suit your needs and style.

The Details


Energydense, fully integrated Battery

The S10E has a fully integrated 725Wh Battery discretely hidden in the Downtube, comprised of state of the art Lithium Ion Battery Cells. The Battery cover is mounted to the battery and painted matching your frame colour. An Integrated lock protects your battery from Theft

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Low-Maintenance High-Performance Gearbox

The Pinion Gearbox is a marvel in engineering. Precise shifting, even when standing still is engineered following principles used in moden Automotive gearboxes. A constantly realiable, wear free Gearbox that will accompany you for the life of the bike.

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Uncomplicated and clean Belt Drive

Free yourself from ölstained clothes, rusted chains and join the Gates Carbon Drive Revolution. Clean. Quiet. Strong. These are the main advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive™ Systems.

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Elegantly Integrated

Superbright Supernova M99 Tailight 2 is fitted to the Racktime Carry rack via a custom CNC machined solution. Supernova MINI 2 PRO, the smallest most compact front headlight - beats everything in its class so far. This high power LED light shines bright with a 550 Lumen High beam - at your fingertips

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Silent and Strong Propultion

The Neodrives Z20 Rear Hub Motor is silent direct drive motor offering powerful acceleration and instant reaction times. 40Nm of Torque are generated right at the wheel, and due to no detours through other components efficiency is greatly increased resulting in a motor that feels like no other. and due to no detours through other components efficiency is greatly increased resulting in a motor that feels like no other. Even the finest changes in rider input on the pedals are sensed by the fully integrated torque sensor and the motor is adjused within milliseconds.

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Ergonomics and Design

Intuitive control is vital so you can focus on riding and not on how to use your bike. Ergonomic unserinterface with large Plus and Minus buttons, simple high beam button, loud bell, 3-Finger brakes and grips with palmrest are fitted as standard. The Wiring disapears directly into the headtube.

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Trapez Frame (low)

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