Electrolyte is the maker of special, unique bicycles and e-bikes. Attention to detail, technical knowledge and the handcrafted approach by our specialists, guarantees the highest quality in all our work.


We are the makers of beautiful, unique bicycles. Our emphasis is on creating lightweight and design-focussed electric bikes. We have been famous for our innovative solutions since our inception in 2009. The key components of Electrolyte bikes, such as the parts of the drivetrain fork leg, are manufactured at our headquarters in Piusheim near Munich. This is also where we assemble the bicycles. Additionally, we source special parts from small and medium businesses in Germany and parts of Europe.

In 2013 we were awarded the Bavarian State Prize for outstanding technical achievements in the skilled trades sector.


We are used to riding decent sport bicycles. That's why we couldn't get used to the look and weight of conventional electric bicycles. We missed the style and the riding characteristics of our sport bicycles whenever we tried any of the available e-bikes. But we could not escape the fascination of e-bikes and we asked ourselves: "Why does everyone sport a huge grin as they return from riding one of these heavy, unattractive electric bikes for the first time?"

The answer is simple: experiencing the acceleration of an e-bike is what makes it special! That is why our approach is to replicate this acceleration on a bicycle while still maintaining its light weight, agility and sexiness.

Matthias Blümel

Bike enthusiast and engineer

Andreas Grotloh

Pilot and e-bike rider

Oliver Arlt

Touring rider and graphic artist

Julien Powell

Battery specialist & longboard rider

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Some of the custom parts for our bikes are sources from small and medium businesses in Germany and parts of Europe. We would like to mention them below and thank them for collaborating with us: