As designers and Engineers we are grasped by the development of electric bikes because we choose and conquer new paths with every product idea. It results in bikes that are headturners in both visual and technologies standpoints while setting the stage in terms of quality.


During product developement of any bike no matter the intended area of use we always have a all hands on deck approach to have as much input as possible and achieve stunning results in the shortest time possible. With over a decade of experience with our own bikes and while being a key development partner for many leading brands in the industry we are able consequently and consecutively create new concepts and products like they have never been seen before. Konventional bike see only minimal adjustments and revolutions every year round, but with electric bikes there is still so much more innovation that can see the light of day. With our hybrid bike product range launch in 2010 we were able to create a new ebike sector still present today.


Brand new concepts and products are tested in house for feasibility and reliability. Having completed our rigourous internal tests a whole marathon of officical testing procedures are carried out in partnership with the Technical University of Munich where all components are tested in real worls conditions for fatigue, corrosion and longevity. Within a short period of time you are able to test all components on high tech laboratory equipment to simulate a lifetime of use. Seperate tests are carried out for our custom battery designs within pressurevessels, vibrationsstand and pressurestands to simlute the harshest of care a battery can sustain in its life. Electromagnet testing is of utmost importance when combining multiple products from a variety of partners and your in house developed solutions. Special labs are used to measure even the slightest of disturbances to rule out any wrong behaviour.