We build your Vision!

Endless combinations of components and your personal taste make every bike that arrives in the customers hands unique. Our mission in the individual bikes sector is to create the perfect for every customer no matter what their needs are. Our bikes can be adjusted to your personal preference, these can be small changes like special Grips or mounting your favourite saddle that you have come to love.


Your chosen frame can be coloured in your desired tone, and to make your decisions easier we have a 40 colours assortment to choose from. Contact us directly to choose your individual paintjob. Cant find anything that suits your taste? Custom colours arent the only thing you can choose, anything is possible, your logo, your name, your personal touch in form of a design we can can help you bring you life. Simply choose the optional Extra "Custom Colouir" and we will get in contact with you to discuss your thoughts and ideas.


Our bikes offer multiple sizes taht we have created wih upmost care to offer a size for every customers unqiue bodily dimesions while still reflecting the design, features and usage scenario of the bike. A massive assortment of adjustable components like stems, stem angle, handlebar, seatposts and grips will complement the frame to make the bike fit perfectly.

Custom Frames

Being one of the last Companies to source our frames in Europe we are able to create your own personal frame with unique properties. All bikes featuring the classical diamont frame design can be adjusted down to a Millimeter level to your preference. Our specialits will contact you straight way when you choose the option "Custom Frame"